Cispadana Regional Highway

The Autostrada Regionale Cispadana (Cispadana Regional Highway) is the new infrastructure that will connect the Reggiolo-Rolo tollbooth of A22 to the Ferrara Sud barrier on A13. 

The tract of about 67 kilometers, created to address mobility in the North Eastern area of the Emilia Romagna region, may represent a traffic alternative to the via Emilia corridor (A1-A14) and will intercept the A1-A15 (Autocisa) (through its continuation west, as an ordinary road), the A22 and the A13.

The project involves several connections to the highway system that will address some previous critical points in the roadways of the thirteen municipalities directly affected by the intervention. 
The work will bring benefits in terms of:

  • travel time: 30 minutes reduction ( -50%) compared with highway A22-A1-A13 and 1 hour and 15 min. ( -70%) with the existing secondary roads;
  • travel costs: (fuel and toll): about 8.12 € ( -35%) less than the highway route and about 1.33 euros ( -8%) less than the existing secondary roads;
  • road network: improving accessibility of the area and local network efficiency by traffic specialization.

 Decree of environmental compatibility (2017 July 25th).